之前的文告是说只能实体店面消费,不过,根据最新的eWallet FAQ里面,都列明了可以线上和线下使用。不再只是限定于实体店面消费。意思就是说,可以online top up,Pay Bills,叫外卖都可以哦!全部交易都可以,除了Transfer给其他用户。

Boost Pay FAQ

You can use the RM50 ePENJANA for any transactions within Boost (such as paying at offline & online partners, paying bills, topping up prepaid, buying vouchers) except for in-app Donations. However, the ePENJANA credit cannot be transferred to other e-Wallet accounts or be cashed out.

Boost FAQ : https://www.myboost.com.my/epenjana-rm50/claim-epenjana/

Touch N Go FAQ

You can use the RM50 ePENJANA for any transactions that your chosen e-wallet can be used for. However, the RM50 ePENJANA cannot be transferred to other e-wallet accounts or be cashed out.

Touch N Go FAQ:https://support.tngdigital.com.my/hc/en-my/articles/360051629934-What-can-I-use-the-RM50-ePENJANA-for-

Grab FAQ

What can I use the RM50 ePENJANA for? Where can I NOT spend the RM50 ePENJANA for/at?

You can use the RM50 ePENJANA for any transactions with the Grab app such as Grab rides, GrabFood, GrabMart, online purchases, and many more! However, the ePENJANA balance is non-transferable to other GrabPay Wallet or transferred into cash.


小编也试看了!可以拿来Pay Bills哦!刚刚就使用Touch N Go支付了Unifi的Bills!


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